At Gatlin Indoor Air Quality we want to make you air cleaner with the A2000 Filter and your purchase easy and affordable. We accept all Major Credit Cards and Shipping is Free. We can also deliver your filter within our local service area

All of our A2000 Electrostatic Filters are Guaranteed for a Lifetime. Making a purchase is as easy as picking up the phone. Call us at:


and well deliver your filter or get one shipped out to you right away.

Price $110.00

Free Deliver or Shipping


Permanent/Lifetime Guarantee - a washable reusable Electrostatic Air Filter

Constructed of space-age, non-corrosive materials (Polypropylene & Polystyrene)

Foamless Filtering Media - No Foam to clog or deteriorate

Unique Peak and Valley Design

Can trap & reduce some air pollutants

Tested by ASHRAE

Superior Arrestance Capabilities

Low initial resistance

Patented 4-stage loading design/peak & valley webbing

Cleans easily and effectively - No oil sprays or expensive cleaners required. Just hose it off!


The secret behind the A+2000s performance is its patented stage loading/peak and valley design. Instead of face loading (particles captured on the outer surface of the filter) the A+2000 uses stage loading, with each stage capturing progressively smaller particles inside the air filter. This design enables the A+2000 to maintain its performance over the years.

Layer E - (Back) Fine material, tightly woven and made of high density polypropylene. This final layer provides more stage loading to help the filter capture some particles as small as .5 to .6 microns.

Layer D - Medium mesh peak and valley design containing material made of high density polypropylene. This is the third layer of filtration material designed to hold particles in valleys allowing air flow through peak areas.

Layer C - Eggcrate design made of polystyrene material. The physical properties of this glass-like material are its strength, stability and electrostatic holding capabilities.

Layer B - This patented first layer has a proprietary peak and valley design with large openings to allow maximum air flow with filtering capabilities to capture larger particles. Made of high density polypropylene, this layer starts the electrostatic reaction that holds particles to the fabric.

Layer A - (Front) Polyethylene webbing designed to hold fabrics in framing under high velocities of air flow.


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